Out of an abundance of concern to protect my clients' confidentiality, I never ask them to submit or post "reviews" of our work together, and for the same reason, often discourage them from doing so. On occasion, however, I receive notes, emails, and/or feedback about how or what has been helpful for the individuals with whom I've worked, and with their express permission, I am honored and humbled to share their experiences here, anonymously. 

"Rhonda's personality and approach to therapy has been very helpful. She is accessible and friendly but still professional. It feels like speaking with a friend who has the professional background to give aid and informed guidance."

"Working with Rhonda helped me appreciate how small steps forward could go a long way."

"Rhonda feels like a life coach and a therapist simultaneously. She is also very good at reassuring me that what I am dealing with can be handled and worked on. I've improved family and friend relationships while working with Rhonda and I look forward to growing even further with her."

"This is my first time in therapy and when I felt apprehensive about my ability to make progress, Rhonda was very encouraging. At times when I've felt pessimistic about my potential to do or be better, I feel like Rhonda was able to hold for me the hope that I didn't have. She has been both my coach and my cheerleader."

"Rhonda is the best! I found the ability to respect my partner's different approaches to things and emotions. Thank you Rhonda - you changed my life."

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